December 1, 2023

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One of the most beautiful routes in Greece

For travelers who want to enjoy a landscape of unique beauty, combining mountains and a river, there is a route that claims to be the most beautiful in Greece.

Karpenisi is a destination at any time of the year and its distance from Athens is 282 km (about 3 and a half hours drive). The town offers a lot of entertainment for nature lovers at any time of the year. And of course, we should not forget the Velouchi ski center for winter sports enthusiasts. Note that if you want to go there just before the winter holidays and weekends (for example, for Christmas and New Year), then it will be too late to book accommodation, because there are too many people who want to visit these beautiful places, also called “Greek Switzerland”. In short, “prepare the sleigh in the summer.”


A few days of visiting Karpenisi and the nearby villages will no doubt include a trip to the Holy Monastery of Prussu or otherwise Panagia Prusiotissa, a monastery that played an important role during the 21st revolution and was the headquarters of Karaiskakis. Now it is the official archaeological monument of our country.


The distance from Karpenisi to the monastery is about 30 kilometers, and the serpentine road partially runs next to the Karpenisiotis River. The landscape of indescribable natural beauty is enhanced by the presence of mountains and a rock that looms menacingly over the road, causing unique sensations for travelers. And it makes you feel like an “ant” in front of the great mother nature.

Throughout the route to the monastery, make several stops, admire the beauty and panoramic views. And, according to experts, you will definitely be rewarded with a whole bunch of impressions, never regretting that you have chosen this route.

By the way, there are high-quality hotels in Karpenisi (the village itself). One of them has an indoor swimming pool with panoramic windows. You swim and seem to soar in the clouds. The prices are quite acceptable. Checked.

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