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Boyfriend of Anastasia, who was killed on about. Kos, interviewed

Shocked by the murder of Anastasia, her partner Mikhail Slivinsky remains, who still cannot survive the loss of his beloved.

Speaking to iefimerida.gr, he said he would “kill a Bangladeshi man” accused of killing a young woman. A 32-year-old Bangladeshi man, the main suspect in the murder of a 27-year-old Polish woman, has been charged with murder and rape. A few days ago it taken to Korydallos prison.

Fragment of an interview with the Greek media

Three weeks without Anastasia. How are you? What are you thinking about?
I still can’t believe what happened to me. My mind finds no rest. Everywhere I come across something that reminds me of Anastasia … I think about her all the time.

If there was a murderer in front of you, what would you say to him?
This scoundrel has deprived me of the person whom I loved more than anything in the world. What could I say to him? I would kill him if he fell into my hands. Slow and painful…

Why did Anastasia confide in a man she hardly knew? Does the trust she showed in this man have anything to do with the accident that happened to her at the hotel?
Maybe yes. After she burned her hand while working, she became depressed because she planned to enter a beauty pageant. I don’t know why she trusted him, maybe she was drunk and he promised to sell her marijuana. I can’t imagine anything else.

What do you demand from Greek justice?
I want this killer to rot for the rest of his life in the worst possible prison.

What would you say to young people like you who decide to work in another country? What should they be afraid of?
Don’t trust strangers too much and avoid dangerous places. You never know what might happen.

On Sunday, June 18 this year, the body of a Polish woman was found with traces of violent death. The girl was searched for from Monday 12/06, when her partner declared missing girlfriends. A man from Bangladesh is responsible for the death of Anastasia – all the evidence in the case points to this. He is arrested for kidnapping and for sexual intercourse with a person unable to resist. According to reports, the investigating judge will expand the indictment. The girl’s body was found in the grass under a tree, 1 km from the detainee’s house, writes CNN Greece.

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