Photo-facts of the crime on Folegandros

The pictures, which capture the moment the body of 26-year-old Garifalia was removed from the sea and rocks on Folegandros, a few hours after the murder by her 30-year-old partner, are shocking. The video, published by SKAI TV, shows the first attempts by bathers and coast guard officers to rescue Garifallia’s lifeless body from the […]

Prominent reporter injured in Amsterdam

Prominent Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries was seriously injured in an attack in central Amsterdam on Tuesday. He was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the head, police confirmed. The reasons for the attack have not yet been reported. According to media reports, at about 7.30 pm, an unknown person fired at 64-year-old […]

Details of the double murder in Kerkyra

The double murder, committed Sunday morning by a 67-year-old criminal who shot and killed the owner of a neighboring house and her partner, caused a storm of indignation in the local community of Corfu (Kerkyra). The perpetrator, according to the available information, summoned his victims to the scene of the murder because of a disagreement, […]

Murder in Glyka Nera: the police intend to find and punish the brutal robbers

The murder of a young mother in Glyka Nera is being thoroughly investigated by Greek law enforcement agencies. Following the description of the perpetrators by the 32-year-old pilot, husband of the 20-year-old murdered Caroline, according to the ERT, the identification and arrest of those responsible for the atrocious crime in Glick Nera is a matter […]

Details of the shocking murder for … remark

A 72-year-old man took the life of a 39-year-old young father for the usual remark. The documentary video talks about cold-blooded murder of a store employee in Kyparissia. Residents of Kyparissia are shocked by the cold-blooded murder of a 39-year-old shop owner by a 72-year-old pensioner. The main newscast of the ALFA TV channel featured […]

Killed for … the remark made to him

It is difficult to say whether the coronavirus is to blame, but the citizens are clearly “going crazy.” It happens that it is difficult to explain by coincidence of circumstances or mental illness. There was a murder. The inhabitants of Cypressia are in shock. A perfectly normal elderly city dweller cold-bloodedly shot the store owner […]

Tragedy in Evia: 3 killed 1 wounded

The tragedy took place on Wednesday afternoon in the area of ​​Gymnos in the municipality of Eretria in Evia. A team of electricians who cooperated with ΔΕΔΔΗΕ performed work on power poles. Due to the cable hitting the line, they received an electric shock, as a result of which 3 people died immediately. Another person, […]

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