July 19, 2024

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Kos: Polish woman killed in abandoned house was in handcuffs (video)

The body of 27-year-old Anastasia from Poland was found in a field, but the murder took place in a different place – according to the latest information, in an abandoned house (pictured).

The investigation continues, revealing new facts and trying to answer main questions. Evidence indicates that the perpetrator, possibly with the help of accomplices, was trying to mislead the investigation. For example, phone. He was found without a SIM card in an abandoned house, which had previously been carefully searched by the police, but … to no avail.

The place where the body was found on Sunday also raises questions. It had also been searched several times before, but the girl’s body was not there. A fact that was not reported earlier – Anastasia was handcuffed, and her silver bag was found next to her body, without a phone and money, writes CNN Greece.

Less than 100 meters from where her body was found is an abandoned house where investigators believe Anastasia was most likely killed. The authorities seized from the scene every item that could be useful to them during the investigation.

It’s a place that doesn’t have many houses around it, although the 32-year-old Bangladeshi reportedly knew it well. Thus the presence of the body in the place where it was found is justified. The girl’s body was found wrapped in large black bags, which were also found in an abandoned house. The distance from it to the place where the woman’s body was found is not great, and the police suggest that the main suspect could even bring the murdered woman there himself, without anyone’s help.

The police collected all the evidence found in the abandoned house – shoes, cigarette butts – and sent them to forensic laboratories for analysis. The evidence obtained from the analysis of the genetic material is important, as Anastasia’s DNA was found in the suspect’s house. Already in previous days, experts had taken her genetic material from his room.

Suspicious Pakistani neighbor arrested Bangladeshi – he claims that Anastasia has never been in their house, but the camera refutes his words. Other information says that the authorities investigating the case are checking the involvement of another person.

The charge category for the Bangladeshi is expected to change today, Wednesday. So far, he has been charged only with robbery, but his lawyer allegedly knows that the charge will change on Wednesday. This probably means that new data has been found.

According to experts, the disclosure of the murder is only a matter of time. President of the Forensic Society Grigoris Leon and President N.A. Attica Giorgos Kalliakmanis confidently declares that evidence and evidence “will give away the killer of 27-year-old Anastasia”, writes CNN.

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