June 20, 2024

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Pursuit on Alimos: Georgian thief handcuffed

At dawn, a police squad was raised on alarm, arriving at Alimos, in the southern region of Athens. As it became known, two men entered the warehouses of an apartment building.

According to ΕΛ.ΑΣaround 05:00 am, an on-duty police officer noticed two people who entered an underground warehouse in an apartment building located on Komunduru Street in the Alimos district.

According to the ERT channel, the policeman tried to detain the thieves. But as soon as two intruders noticed him, they began to threaten him with a crowbar. The policeman called for reinforcements, but the men immediately jumped into the car and left the scene at high speed.

It so happened that they began to move in reverse along the street. Herodes Atticus, hoping to hide (to confuse the tracks). At this time, the officers noticed a car reversing along the road and stopped it.

The driver was arrested and his accomplice fled. According to the information, the thieves, leaving Alimos, threw away a bag with stolen goods.

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