Freedom of speech in Greek: instead of detaining the perpetrators of crimes, they are looking for journalists

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court ordered arrest a journalist and publisher Petros Kousulus as part of the investigation appointed for the leak of classified documents ΕΥΠafter publishing them in the newspaper. In particular, the prosecutor issued an order to conduct an investigation into the detention and arrest of journalist-publisher Petros Kousoulos. However, his […]

The chef of the hotel in Hurghada, where the Russians were poisoned, was detained

Among the tourists who poisoned themselves at a hotel in Hurghada and were hospitalized are 29 Russians, 14 Estonians and four Czechs. The incident is being investigated by the Egyptian Attorney General. As reported RIA News, the staff of the AMC Royal hotel, after mass poisoning guests were detained, including the chef, according to a […]

Perama: 20-year-old boy, shot by police, died instantly, he received 2 bullets – in the chest and stomach

According to the conclusion of the forensic expert after the autopsy, the 20-year-old boy, who was shot during a police chase in Perama, received two gunshot wounds – in the stomach and in the chest. His death was instant. One bullet damaged a lung, the second stuck in the right side of the abdomen. The […]

Bloody chase in Perama: 20-year-old gypsy shot, 7 police officers arrested

Late Friday night in Perama, there was a fatal incident involving police and car thieves. The relatives of the deceased Roma are accused of premeditated murder of seven arrested guards. Police officers have been detained, an official investigation is underway. So what happened? Were their shots, which resulted in the death of a young guy, […]

Rape of a child in Rhodes

An eight-year-old girl was raped yesterday in Rhodes. Medical examination confirmed the presence of genital trauma. An investigation is underway and a search for the culprit is underway. Terror reigns among the inhabitants of Rhodes. The grandmother raising her granddaughter cries constantly. Her daughter, the victim’s mother, has been temporarily deprived of parental rights, and […]

“COVID-19 vaccine weakens innate immunity.” Fact checking DW

The coronavirus vaccination weakens the body’s immune system, some netizens confidently argue. In doing so, they often refer to the research of Dutch scientists. Is this true? Found out DW. Not too long ago, DMAX and Hamburg 1 caused a stir on Twitter and Facebook with the sensational headline “Does BioNTech vaccine weaken the immune […]

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