July 22, 2024

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Ancient amphorae found in Parnita forest

Antiquities of great historical and archaeological value were hidden in the forest area of ​​Mount Parnitha.

After receiving an anonymous call from the Department of Cultural Heritage and Antiquities of the Attica Security Authority with relevant information, a group of police officers, after a little investigation, discovered the antiquities and delivered them to the headquarters of the service.

There they were examined by an archaeologist from the Ephorate of Antiquities of Western Attica, who expressed the opinion that some of them falls under the protection provisions of the Antiquities Protection Act, while the rest require further study.

Antiquities include:

  • lampada,
  • Corinthian arivallos (jar/bottle for aromatic oils and perfumes with a narrow neck),
  • fragment of a clay vase for spices,
  • part of a fusilade-shaped incense vessel.

Antiquities confiscated and in need of additional examination: amphora, fragments of bas-relief and statues, bronze figurines, vases. The antiquities will be transferred for storage after the final examination to the Acharne Archaeological Collection, and the case materials will be transferred to the Athenian Criminal Prosecutor’s Office.

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