September 27, 2023

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Prices for apartments overlooking parks and groves: prices in 15 districts of Attica

Urban gardening is not a luxury, but a necessity. Unfortunately, in the European Environment Agency’s green index, Athens ranks 33rd out of 37 European cities, as only 11% of the city’s surface is covered with trees.

Recall that the minimum goal of the World Health Organization for urban residents is access to nearby green spaces, it is a recommendation to “live within 300 meters of green space”. What in reality 8 out of 10 residents of the capital do not have. Only these data show that housing adjacent to green spaces, parks, groves and urban forests is in great demand, however, as in all European cities.

Zappeion National Garden, Field of Mars (Πεδίον του Άρεως), Flisvos, Antonis Tritsis Metropolitan Park, Haidari Botanical Garden, New Philadelphia Grove, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Park, Veikou Grove, Attiko Grove, Nea Smyrni Park, Kifisia Grove, Andreas Papandreou Park in Nea Eritrea, Goudi Metropolitan Park, Pagratiou Grove and Philopapou Hill are some of the small or large green oases in the vast area of ​​Attica.

According to real estate market experts, prices for residential properties that are located near urban green spaces are 8-32% higher than for the corresponding property that is not adjacent to such zones. Concerning the maximum distance at which the property must be located from the urban green zone, so that it affects its value, then, as stated, it is from 50 to 350 meters.

In Attica, the most accessible areas, which are “lucky” to adjoin green spaces, located on the western side of the prefecture.

In particular, housing in Ilion, not far from the Metropolitan Park of Environmental Education and the Development of the Social Economy. Antonis Tritsis, is cheaper, with an average asking price reaching 1,659 euros per square meter, according to an analysis by Spitogatos Insights, which focuses on the area close to the central parks and popular groves of Athens.

The next place, with a slight difference, is the area of ​​Gyzi and the Field of Mars, where the average housing prices are 1,730 euros per square meter, while houses are sold at the same price in Poligono and Turkovunia, which are located next to the Veiko Grove.

In the nearby district of Galatsi, the average prices for houses that are “adjacent” to the Attico Grove are 1900 euros per sq.m, while in Haidari, near the Botanical Garden, the corresponding sale prices rise to 1840 euros per sq.m.

In Kallithea, next to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation park, the average asking price is 2022 euros per sq.m., while around Nea Smyrni park the prices are higher – 2500 euros per sq.m. They are much higher in front of the Flisvos Park in Paleo Faliro and because of the sea view, and are priced at 3073 euros per sq.m.


The area of ​​Metz – Kallimarmaro, located next to the Zappeion (the center of Athens), stands out for its high average offer prices for apartments, which amount to 2,935 euros per sq. m. The areas where landlords are asking the highest prices are the northern suburbs, although there are big differences there. In particular, in Marousi, close to the Syngrou estate, the average asking prices are 2,665 euros per sq.m., while in Nea Eritrea (Andreas Papandreou Park) they reach 3,057 euros per sq.m. The average prices for apartments in Kifissia, which “go out” to the grove of the same name or Syngrou Estate, are also very close.

The leaders in terms of prices are residences in Papagu and Filothei. In particular, the average offer prices in the Papagos area are 3,477 euros per sq.m, and in Filothei, next to Attico Alsos – 3,847 euros per sq.m.

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