September 27, 2023

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How much will a family vacation this summer cost?

Prices for the coveted vacation of the average Greek family this year are skyrocketing. According to experts, the cost of a few days of rest far exceeds the monthly income of the family, including the summer allowance, which will be received by private sector workers.

Travelers will go on holiday this summer if they can afford it. As everyday purchases like food, gas and utilities have become much more expensive in recent months, many families are being forced to rethink their vacation plans, if not cancel them altogether.

This year, every second Greek will not be able to afford a holiday with food at the hotel.

Starting with buying plane tickets (where prices have already skyrocketed) and ferry tickets (which are “only one pip cheaper” than airline tickets due to inflation), it’s enough to make you tempted to wonder if it’s even worth it. go somewhere…

So, how much will a family trip cost (round trip):

  • Chania: 499 euros
  • Chios: 596 euros
  • Samos: 837 euros.

Ferry tickets compared to June 2022:

  • Naxos: from 48 euros to 51.50-72.50 euros.
  • Paros: from 46.50 euros to 50-71 euros.
  • iOS: from €50 to €84.70
  • Mykonos: from 48.50 euros to 52-84.70 euros.
  • Syros: from 42.50 euros to 45.50-67.70 euros.


It should be noted that for a family with two minor children travel by own transportbe it a seaside place or an island, extremly necessarywhich raises the cost of transportation costs.

If you count costs incurred by a family with two minor children for a trip to a tourist destination for a week, then the cost reaches or exceeds 1500 euros, excluding the cost of food, coffee, sunbeds and gasoline. If these costs are included, then the figure can be safely multiplied by 2.

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