September 30, 2023

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Easter in Ptolemaida: a huge egg was placed on the square

The largest Easter egg, 2.17 m high, was made in Ptolemais and recently installed in the central square of the city as a decoration.

Part of the visual installation, curated by Daniela Nikolova-Sidiropoulou, is a 1.8 meter high unicorn, a hare and a smaller 1 meter egg.

Reportedly, “700 smaller eggs are suspended at the highest point of the structure, which are already being painted by the children who filled the central square of Ptolemais, and who can then take them home.” The colors of the visual installation are in shades of the rainbow, which “symbolizes hope and optimism for the future.”

The initiative of Daniela Nikolova-Sidiropoulou started back in 2013 (Studio Peri Technis) under the motto: “Let’s come together and color the biggest egg in Greece”. Dozens of children and youth immediately responded to the festive event.

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