February 6, 2023

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Meeting with a bear in Kaimaktsalan – the driver of the car was amazed by the size of the beast

A driver from Agios Athanasios in Pella, driving towards Kaimaktsalan (135 km from Thessaloniki), suddenly saw a black bear on his way and “was shocked by its size, it was huge.”

Such encounters are not uncommon in the area, so the driver did not lose his temper and even captured the beast on his phone. But of course, from inside the car. He recalls his feelings:

“I was not scared, I was just shocked by her size. He was huge. There are wild boars, bears, wild animals in the area … If they are not disturbed, if they do not feel threatened, they do not disturb you.

Meanwhile, the bear, after looking at the driver and posing for the camera, continued on its way, writes newsbeast.

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