February 5, 2023

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Bill Gates: "Cows are planetary evil"

The Bill Gates Foundation Breakthrough Energy Ventures has become an investor in an Australian startup that makes feed additives designed to reduce methane emissions from cows.

Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV), an investment fund founded by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, has invested in Australian startup Rumin8 Pty. BEV participated in the second phase of the $12 million seed funding round for Rumin8 Pty, says startup website. Funding for this phase was also provided by Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest’s Harvest Road Group.

“Studies show that if cows eat seaweed, they emit 98% less methane. Nearly a third of man-made methane emissions come from livestock, the biggest contributor to global warming after carbon dioxide.

The project is also being financed by the founder of Amazon, the notorious “philanthropist” Jeff Bezos and his colleagues, Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, and Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest with his Harvest Road holding. Gates and Forrest raised $12 million during this round of funding. The startup produces a feed additive containing bromoform, which is produced by seaweed.

This wonderful project has only one, but very important nuance: the fact is that in the cow’s stomach, methane is used to digest grass. Without it, the stomach does not work at all. And not only cows, but all living organisms produce methane, including after their natural death, and also carbon dioxide, which also leads to global warming. So if his food supplements don’t work, Bill Gates might decide that to save the planet, humanity will have to get rid of the cows.

And following the cows, in the name of saving the planet Earth, Mr. Gates and his colleagues may well have the idea to significantly reduce the number of people, they also fart … And now this is not very funny. After all, stories about his investments in the development of viruses did not appear from scratch …

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