July 16, 2024

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End of the alarm about the planted bombs in hospitals and the airport of Athens

Greek law enforcers are looking for an “Islamic extremist” who warned of impending explosions in six hospitals in the capital and the El. Venizelos airport.

After careful checks by the relevant services, nothing suspicious was found.

The alarm sounded informs Newsbeast.gr, after receiving this morning electronic letters, which reported on the laying of bombs in hospitals παμακάριστος, γ.γενηματάς, τζάνειο, παίδων, ευαγελισμός ντυνυνάν furnaces, as well as in the Alelets International Apheme, as well They were sent to the above addresses.

According to ΕΛΑΣthe message mentioned Islam and contained a threat: “We will blow you up.”

The Athens news agency reports that the alarm has been lifted after the checks carried out. An investigation is underway to identify the persons who sent the letters.

Our publication told no further than yesterday, why the Greek F-16s escorted the Ryanair aircraft.

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