February 8, 2023

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Adonis Georgiadis involved in an accident in the center of Athens

Development and Investment Minister Adonis Georgiadis and his wife Eugenia Manolidou were involved in a traffic accident on Monday night. The accident happened in the center of Athens.

According to the Greek media, Adonis Georgiadis was driving in a car with his wife along Fillelinon Street when another car ran a red light. According to MEGA, at that moment the collision occurred.

Despite the fact that the driver was moving at high speed, and the collision was quite strong, fortunately for both sides, no one was hurt. As a result, cars were only damaged. The information says that the two drivers reached an amicable agreement and the intervention of the traffic police was not required.

According to MEGA, a close associate of Mr. Georgiadis confirmed that both he and his wife were in good health, while reporting damage to the car in which they were both traveling.

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