February 5, 2023

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Attack on schoolchildren in New Ionia

A group of 20 people attacked schoolchildren in New Ionia, a 14-year-old boy was injured, another was hit by a car while trying to escape.

Approximately two dozen people with their faces covered came to sort things out on Monday directly to the educational institution. One of the students was slightly wounded in the lip, the second, trying to cross the road without looking while trying to escape, was hit by a passing car. Fortunately, no injuries were avoided, as the car was traveling at low speed.

The incident occurred on January 23, after the end of classes, when the students were slowly leaving the school building. Approximately 20 people who quickly ran into the guys were carrying knives and butterflies*, an eyewitness said.

The principal of the school stated writes newsbeast.gr that the police and an ambulance were called to the scene. But by the time the police arrived, the perpetrators had escaped. Law enforcement officers are investigating the incident, seeking to locate and arrest the attackers. A criminal case has been initiated into the incident.

As the preliminary investigation showed, young people were looking for a specific student, while attacking anyone who got in the way. The vice president of the parents’ committee spoke about concerns about hostility between schools:

“On Friday they had a conflict with a boy from our school, as a result he came very excited and noisy, and pushed the teacher. He looked like an angry bull, he knocked the child down and hit him, and today we found out that they arrived on motorcycles and looking for him.”

*Butterfly knife or balisong is a type of folding knife, the handle of which resembles the rotating wings of a butterfly. The blade of a real balisong is hidden in the grooves located in both halves of the handle. Filipino roots gave the instrument such an exotic form.

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