February 2, 2023

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AT "family basket" add branded products

Associations of manufacturers of branded goods asked to be admitted to the “consumer basket”, so last week a meeting was held at the Ministry of Development and Investment, said Adonis Georgiadis, speaking this morning on the air of the Mega TV channel.

The Minister stressed that the consumer trusts the “family basket”: “Every second consumer makes the appropriate purchases using the introduced measure. A meeting was held in the ministry because branded food industry associations came to “put them in the basket” too. (..) We are in the process of discussing to make a final decision on how we can add branded products to the shopping cart. We will need to meet with the competition commission to get a license renewal. Secondly, we gave both the industry and supermarkets a week so that suppliers could agree with each other on the products to be supplied. Because it only makes sense to put branded products in the basket if they have a low price.”

Will the basket measure be extended to butchers and bakeries? “In order to do this, one must first consult the bakers, because if I impose a measure on them, I will harm them. I don’t want to harm small and medium businesses,” said Mr. Georgiadis.

Concerning coming new wave of price increases, he stressed that “there is no price increase in the consumer basket. In 833 products, we have an increase in 8% of products, a decrease in 7% of products, and a stable in the remaining percentage. The average basket shows an increase of half a euro in some supermarkets, but this is because the prices of fresh meat rose during the holidays, they will normalize in a week. The cart still has a discounted price.”

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