January 27, 2023

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New Year’s "surprises" for electricity consumers

Electricity tariffs announced by suppliers on December 20 will come into force on January 1. What surprises can be expected in the New Year?

A large number of households will face pleasant surprises, as most private providers of electricity show lower final payments for the current month, despite the increase in wholesale electricity prices. The reason is the subsidies announced by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and they twice as high as in December, bringing the tariffs that households will pay for January consumption to be lower from 7% to 64%.

One million households will receive the subsidy. The cheapest electricity tariffs are set by almost all private providers, which are estimated to be around 1 million clients. This number of households lower electricity billsand in some cases, as, for example, in the scheme implemented by HRON, the fee will be zero.

It is also worth recalling that, in accordance with the emergency measures taken by the government since July last year, electricity consumers can change the supplier without introducing a condition for early termination of the contract. Thus, having carefully studied the price lists, they have the opportunity to freely and without financial burden change the electricity supplier. It’s not always easy, but it’s often worth it.

Prices of all providers:

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