February 5, 2023

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China is rapidly and actively preparing for "covid winter"

Hospitals in China are hastily preparing to receive a huge number of coronavirus patients. In Shanghai, the number of infections has crossed the 5-millionth threshold, by the end of the week, doctors believe, every second inhabitant of the 25-million metropolis will be infected.

Over the past few months, more than 130 sub-variants of the “omicron” have been identified by Chinese scientists. The World Health Organization is calling on the Chinese authorities to cooperate, complaining about the lack of information. However, Beijing denies the allegations of silence. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Mao Ning says:

“Since the beginning of the epidemic, China has been timely, open and transparent in publicizing information about the epidemic and informing the World Health Organization of the situation of the epidemic. We will adapt our COVID response measures under the changing situation to better manage outbreaks and manage social and economic development.” Currently, another booster vaccination is underway, there are enough medicines and tests in the country.”

However, Beijing acknowledges that the exact number of cases and deaths is unknown. It was only recently that China abandoned its zero-covid policy and eased its containment measures. Number of infected has risen sharplyand tens of millions of older people are still not vaccinated.

The WHO warns that during the winter, 800 million Chinese may fall ill with coronavirus – more than 50% of the country’s population and, in fact, every tenth inhabitant of the planet.

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