Coronavirus: the position of those who do not want to get vaccinated changes dramatically after an illness

In Russia, the peak of the rampant coronavirus, but there are still a lot of people who do not want to get vaccinated. Why? There are several reasons, as well as opinions. However, according to doctors, after infection and being in the hospital, the majority change their position dramatically. Judge for yourself. Russia is a […]

Death for your own money

Alexander Gintsburg, head of the N.N. Gamalei, shocked with the data given: in Russia, 80% of those vaccinated who later fell ill with Covid-19, as it turned out, bought a vaccination certificate: “They die for their money.” The scientist is quoted by “If those vaccinated with the alleged“ Sputnik V ”become seriously ill, as […]

Greece’s position on the number of cases and deaths from Covid-19 in the world

According to, the number of deaths from Covid-19 on the planet has exceeded 4.51 million, the number of officially confirmed cases is 217.2 million. Together with undiagnosed cases, these rates are much higher. Inhabitants of the western hemisphere account for almost half of all deaths (47%) and 39% of cases of Covid-19. And this […]

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