February 8, 2023

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Police officer who shot 16-year-old Roma released

The Judicial Council sided with the investigator in the criminal case of a 34-year-old DIAS police officer who shot a 16-year-old Roma during a chase.

According to GRtimes, after his confession, disagreements arose between the investigator and the prosecutor, the latter asked for his pre-trial detention. As a result, the Thessaloniki Criminal Court resolved the dispute by accepting the proposal of the investigator, who asked for his release with a restrictive condition of a ban on leaving the country. During his testimony, the defendant claimed that he was “defending himself” because the offender “went to ram”. The policeman said he fired on the move, aiming at the car and not at the driver.

Three judges of the Misdemeanors Council resolved the issue of disagreement between the prosecutor and the investigator, taking into account the case file filed before the guy’s death. In this regard, the period of 5 days provided for preliminary detention has expired (and cannot be extended), by the time the decision was made, the necessary documents (death certificate, conclusion of a forensic medical examination, etc.) had not been submitted. Initially, a criminal case was initiated against the policeman for attempted murder.

Soon case files will be returned to the investigator, which will require changing the charge and initiating a criminal case by the prosecutor’s office on the fact of the murder. According to legal circles, the accused will be called again to give additional evidence, and it is possible that he will be taken into custody.

Recall, as the Athens News previously wrote, the minor left the gas station without paying 20 euros for fuel. The policemen who were at the gas station, in violation of instructions, opened fire on the thief’s car, seriously injuring a teenager.

8 days after the victim was admitted to the hospital Ipocratio in Thessaloniki officially announced his death. The patient reportedly suffered a severe head injury and was in critical condition throughout the day. However, despite all the efforts of doctors, he passed away.

At this time, gypsy riots took place throughout the country, and arrests took place.

At this time, gypsy riots took place throughout the country, and arrests took place.

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