February 5, 2023

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Faliro: Teenage Suicide

A 16-year-old teenager in the Paleo Faliro district of Athens shot himself twice in the head, the second shot was fatal.

The young man used a 9-gauge pistol belonging to his father – he works as a bank manager and has a license for firearms.

Before the suicide, the teenager called 911 and said that he wanted to commit suicide, and then shot himself. He fired twice – once his hand trembled and he missed, and the second bullet hit his head.

According to neighbors from a new apartment building, where the family lived on Pelopos Street in Paleo Faliro, it was a very kind child without any problems: “This is a tragedy, I am in shock. I never heard anything, he was a very good child. I’m still trying to figure it out.”

Emergency services arrived at the scene of the incident, breaking the locked door of the house, and found a seriously injured boy on the 1st floor of the maisonette, in the bathroom. The gunshot wound was to the head. The young man was taken alive to Evangelismos Hospital, where he died. Authorities are questioning the teenager’s parents.

The family came to Greece about a year and a half ago, the father was the head of large foreign companies. It is reported that the child had difficulties due to the change of environment after arriving in Greece, writes CNN Greece.

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