February 5, 2023

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Bad weather “Gaia”: meteorologists warn of waves up to 3.5 meters high

The most famous meteorologist in Greece, Sakis Arnautoglu, warns citizens that Cyclone Gaia is approaching our country and you need to be extremely careful when leaving your home.

At the same time, the inhabitants of Epirus, Corfu and Grevena have already been warned by message 112 about extreme weather events.

“A lot of attention from the competent civil protection authorities is riveted to the strong south / southeast winds raging on the coasts of northern Greece from tonight until Sunday morning,” says an experienced weather forecaster, speaking on ERT3.

According to Sakis Arnautoglu, waves up to 3.5 meters high will reach the coast of eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

According to the digital model poseidon.hcmr.gr, significant wave heights are expected to exceed 2-2.5 meters on the coasts of Thermaikos and Chalkidiki, and 3-3.5 meters on the coasts of eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

“In my humble opinion, owners of small boats moored in the ports and bays of the above sea areas should immediately take care of the safety of their boats. It is also recommended to avoid going to the open sea of ​​any small boats until the weather improves,” – said “chief weather officer in the country.”

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