February 5, 2023

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Weather for Christmas: cold snap and snow from December 20

According to the forecasts of foreign meteorologists, from December 20, air masses formed in the Arctic will come to Central Europe. At the same time, during the Azores anticyclone in Western Europe, a cold front is likely to reach Greece.

According to the data, snowfall is possible in our country from December 20, although Greek weather forecasters have not yet determined exactly where and at what heights.

As a trend, Sakis Arnautoglu in his forecast for December confirmed the “cold intrusion of air masses in the third decade of the month.”

The Arctic weather front will move from north to south and seems to reach even the northern fringes of Attica, if, as the meteorologist indicated, this trend is confirmed.

A map of the country’s snow cover has already been published, with heavy snowfalls after the 20th of the month, which could create conditions for the opening of ski resorts during Christmas.

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