Tornado on the island of Skiathos: impressive video

On the island of Skiathos, eyewitnesses observed a unique natural phenomenon – a waterspout. Impressive is a rare phenomenon, filmed and posted on Facebook on the page “Weather Forecast in Greece”. In the footage, you can see how a water tornado moves through the snowy expanses of the island. The presented photographs show the port […]

Cyclone Elpida: problems with electricity in the suburbs of Athens

Electricity problems were recorded on Monday afternoon in areas of Athens, and in the south of the metropolitan area there were localized power outages. Power outages were reported in New Philadelphia, Nea Ionia, Chalandri, Patissia, Pagrati, Anfusa, Dau Pentelis and Marathon. The problems are mainly associated with damage from falling branches or trees on the […]

Evia’s nightmare is back: big disasters, flooded houses and destroyed roads

Residents of North Evia are experiencing a disaster: the cyclone “Athena” harshly walked through its territory, destroying everything around. Heavy rains hit already ravaged Evia, causing massive damage several months after the massive fires that engulfed it. Roads turned into rivers, the asphalt pavement deteriorated and was partially demolished at sea. In the Mantudi area, […]

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