July 22, 2024

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Shocking video: Man electrocuted while waiting for train

The ticket inspector in India probably had a powerful “holy protector”. Because to survive in such a situation that happened to him was just a miracle.

The man was electrocuted due to a suddenly fallen wire when he was on the platform of the station. The horrific incident was filmed by a CCTV camera and caused shock.

How seen in the footage, a man is standing on the platform of the Kharagpur Junction station and talking to someone. Suddenly, for some unknown reason, a high-voltage cable falls on him and he is electrocuted. At the same time, the man convulses, and then falls onto the rails. At this time, people who were at the scene rushed to his aid. According to local media, the man was extremely lucky – he survived with only minor burns.

Of course, as expected, investigations continue to establish the causes of the accident and identify those responsible, since a person almost died in the incident.

“>December 8, 2022

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