June 25, 2024

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Fraud: "Lady with a dog"

In Patras, a 26-year-old young woman was detained, who introduced herself as the British wife of a high-ranking head of a large organization that stays in hotels and does not pay. Alas, this “number” in this case did not pass.

Greek law enforcement authorities have detained a 26-year-old woman from Slovakia, who is accused of committing fraud in Patras and Attica.

According to flamis.gr, a 26-year-old girl introduced herself as the British wife of a high-ranking leader of a large organization, stayed in hotels and “hung out” without paying for anything. She introduced herself as “Emre” or “Mia” The lady had a (pending) European arrest warrant for fraud committed by her in Slovakia.

The identity of the 26-year-old girl was revealed in Patras after she spent four days in a hotel room without paying her bills. The MEGA information also states that the swindler also tried to fool for a taxi driver in Corinth. The cutie told the driver that she would pay by card as she didn’t have any cash with her. However, the card did not work either, then the lady promised to put money into his bank account and even showed a “receipt” on the phone about the transfer of the required amount.

The taxi driver, who suspected fraud, filed a complaint with the police. The law enforcement officers went to the hotel where the fraudster was staying and found that this was the one that Interpol was looking for.

Why was she nicknamed “lady with a dog”, because she did not part with her “pocket” pet, and made a good impression on everyone, inspires confidence – which she subsequently used for criminal purposes.

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