Diplomats outraged by surveillance of N. Dendias: “We were spied on when we talked to him”

Information about the surveillance of Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias was unpleasant news for the international diplomatic community. Diplomats say they are outraged that, in fact, they have become victims of espionage. And this will reflect extremely negatively on the international rating of Greece.

It seems that when ordering the wiretapping of the head of the diplomatic department of Greece, Megaro Maximo, they did not realize how this could result. Colleagues of Nikos Dendias are already indignant that the entire head of the Greek Foreign Ministry has become a “Trojan horse”, and all of them, having contacted directly with him, have actually become victims of espionage.

because of shadowing With the help of Predator software over the course of a year, those of his colleagues or even foreign leaders who met with him now check all the conversations they had to understand how important the “leaks” were and to what extent their own issues were raised. national security and foreign policy.

Since Dendias was wiretapped, therefore, all foreign ministers who spoke to Dendias through the Greek Foreign Minister were also wiretapped.

Abroad, they are not satisfied with this development of events, especially when it comes to countries that have special geopolitical weight on the planet. They are especially outraged in the United States, which themselves like to follow their colleagues, but have an extremely negative attitude towards being followed (an illustrative example is the numerous scandals with Russian interference in US elections).

According to the newspaper article “Vima“, entitled “Target – Dendias”. Significantly, – the publication says, – among those who were monitored was Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, whose phone tapping was revealed a year ago – through a suspicious SMS.

It should be noted that Vima is the flagship newspaper of the Greek oligarch Marinakis, who is using every media outlet at his disposal to “expose” Mitsotakis after learning that he himself is being followed by the Predator software.

From the moment the owner of the phone opened a suspicious SMS, his smartphone fell under the control of the person carrying out the monitoring. All telephone conversations, all the details of a mobile phone, the operation of a mobile phone were at the disposal of the eavesdroppers, even if the phone was turned off (smartphones where the battery is not removed do not turn off completely and can be a tool for spying on you regardless of the state).

As reported in Sunday edition of ProNewsMinister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias has been in a state of resignation or “bluff resignation” for the past few hours (Sunday), having announced his intentions Megaro Maximu in connection with confirmed (he had reliable and official information in his hands) surveillance of him using the Predator software during the year.

At a meeting Sunday at the Foreign Office with close associates, Dendias discussed the possibility of resigning, which would mean immediate elections, as he would formally acknowledge that he was under surveillance.

The Prime Minister’s administrations have been informed of this and asked to take a stand immediately, as this will be followed by Mitsotakis’s announcement to call snap elections immediately before Christmas.

In the end, according to reliable sources, Dendias changed his mind and agreed not resign, but… on certain conditions:

  • The elections will take place in June.
  • If the ND wins the election, but fails to form a government due to a lack of votes, proposes itself as… prime minister of a bipartisan cabinet. He claims that A. Tsipras “would accept him” as prime minister.
  • Mitsotakis will remain president of the New Democracy.

In fact, if cross-references are to be believed, one source claims that he turned down an offer… for an immediate premiership with K. Mitsotakis “not preoccupied with preparations for the June elections” as party chairman. It is not known what Mitsotakis answered him, but in any case, Dendias agreed don’t retire.

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