Diplomats outraged by surveillance of N. Dendias: “We were spied on when we talked to him”

Information about the surveillance of Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias was unpleasant news for the international diplomatic community. Diplomats say they are outraged that, in fact, they have become victims of espionage. And this will reflect extremely negatively on the international rating of Greece. It seems that when ordering the wiretapping of the head of […]

Cynicism trap

“A friend asked me if we were getting too cynical. He says that cynicism has come into play within us and has been troubling us for years. We have gone bankrupt in the past because the country has been betrayed by its leadership, private and public, by a “bourgeoisie” addicted to greed, tyranny and indifference […]

Convenient service or "concentration camp": total surveillance cameras will appear in the subway

Under the watchful eye of “Big Brother”, the Thessaloniki metro routes and line 4 in Athens will be operated, which will increase the safety of passengers. Two important transport projects were launched in Athens and Thessaloniki, which for many years have been a constant requirement of passengers. These are the long-suffering Thessaloniki metro and line […]

Halkidiki: surveillance in hotel rooms

Several couples who have stayed at the infamous hotel are looking for “self-acting” videos, possibly posted online on porn sites. Recall that a security camera was found in the room of a tourist hotel located in the village of Kassandra in Chalkidiki, which recorded the personal life of the guests. A complaint to the police […]

Former CIA agent’s company scans Greek social media and sells data to intelligence agencies

A fine of 20 million from ΑΔΑΕ “for finding people and information from social networks and creating personal files that they then sell to intelligence agencies, individuals, etc.” A previously unknown company, ClearView AI, owned by former CIA officer and Palantir co-founder Peter Thiel, which the government brought in in 2020 and handed over the […]

Listening to the opposition: a long “debate” without results. Opposition demands prime minister’s resignation

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis reiterated on Friday that the National Intelligence Service’s “legal surveillance” ΕΥΠ MEP and leader of the socialist opposition party PASOK/KINAL Nikos Androulakis was a “mistake”. speaking during a parliamentary debate over the wiretapping scandal, the Prime Minister added, however, that the activities EYP essential to the security of the country. […]

Varoufakis: My cell phone has been monitored since 2015

“Your premiership is over,” said the leader of the MeRA 25 party, Janis Varoufakis, speaking at the podium of the parliament and addressing Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis during the preliminary debate on the case of shadowing the opposition. “I’m not evaluating a re-election project, I’m describing a specific situation,” Varoufakis continued. Wishing to raise the […]

ΕΥΠ Leader’s Confession: “No one is exempt from surveillance!”

The Parliamentary Committee on Institutions and Transparency flared scandal due to the recognition of the new head ΕΥΠ Themistocles Demiris is that, in addition to Nikos Androulakis and other journalists, other politicians are also being monitored. “No one is an exception” – said the head of ΕΥΠ. It is emphasized that this is very hard […]

D. Spinelli: from "cafao" before "Predator" – evolution "wiretaps"

Until the late 1980s, advertisements for private detectives advertised their services along with “divorce, surveillance, premarital affairs” as well as “τηλεμαγνητοφωνήσεις”. It was common knowledge that this vague term included (illegal) interception of telephone calls. This was usually done by connecting a tape recorder or radio transmitter to the point where the victim’s telephone cable […]