February 21, 2024

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"Golden" herringbone: both laughter and tears

New Year’s goods have risen in price sharply: prices have become 20% higher due to the energy crisis. Therefore, you will have to dress up the Christmas tree this year “with a creak.”

This year, seasonal shops are opening their doors with Christmas items that are priced at least 20% more than last year. Inflation, energy instability and a prolonged summer are the main reasons why most shop windows are still undecorated, despite the fact that in previous years they already shone with might and main, beckoning to look “at the light”.

Considering that most of the products are imported, and the cost of transportation has increased due to the high price of diesel fuel, Christmas decorations have gone up in price. The estimated cost of artificial Christmas trees starts from 40 euros and increases depending on the height and width, as well as the quality of the material. The price of Christmas balls will soon reach 1 euro each, as six cost 5 euros. Garlands and tinsel also rose in price. Other decorations have risen in price by about 1.5 euros, while the prices of wooden and glass decorations have risen by 1 euro.

Faced with this situation, it is possible that some of the seasonal stores will not even open as there will be very strong competition this year from chain stores who will try to capture more market share in order to slightly increase their meager profits.

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