Eurostat: what is the value of agricultural products

According to Eurostat, the total value of agricultural products produced in 2021 increased by 8% compared to 2020, reaching 449.5 billion euros.

This increase was due to higher prices for agricultural goods and services in general (+7.5% estimate), while the volume of production changed little compared to 2020 (+0.8% estimate). According to the data, almost three-quarters of the value of agricultural products EU in 2021, there were seven Member States. These were France (82.4 billion euros, which corresponds to 18% of the EU total), Italy (61.2 billion euros, or 14%), Germany (59.2 billion euros, or 13%), Spain (57. 1 billion euros or 13%), the Netherlands (30.6 billion euros or 7%), Poland (27.9 billion euros or 6%) and Romania (21.1 billion euros or 5%).

Most EU member states recorded an increase in the value of agricultural products in 2021 compared to 2020. The fastest growth rates were recorded in Bulgaria (+37%), Romania (+25%) and the Czech Republic (+16%). On the other hand, agricultural prices in Finland, Malta and Cyprus in 2021 as a whole did not change, compared to their respective levels in 2020, and declined in Denmark (-2%) and Slovenia (-4%). Among other key Member States, the value of agricultural products increased by 10% in Spain, by 8% in France and the Netherlands, by 6% in Italy and Poland, and by 3% in Germany. In Greece, the value of agricultural products increased by about 3%.

Just over half (55%) of the value of EU agricultural production in 2021 was in cereals (€248.7bn, +13% compared to 2020). Just over a third (36%) comes from animal products (€163.1 billion, +3% compared to 2020). The remaining share was for agricultural services and secondary activities. The non-investment costs of EU agricultural inputs (intermediate consumption) were 10% higher in 2021 than in 2020.

The change in the value of agricultural products and intermediate consumption in 2021 led to an increase in gross value added produced by agriculture by 6%.

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