Eurostat: what is the value of agricultural products

According to Eurostat, the total value of agricultural products produced in 2021 increased by 8% compared to 2020, reaching 449.5 billion euros. This increase was due to higher prices for agricultural goods and services in general (+7.5% estimate), while the volume of production changed little compared to 2020 (+0.8% estimate). According to the data, almost […]

Inflation in Greece rose to 12.1% in September

Greece’s European Union-aligned consumer price index reached its highest level since the country’s entry into the eurozone in September, according to Eurostat’s estimates released on Friday. to 12.1% from 11.2% in August. Inflation in the Eurozone also hit an all-time high, hitting double-digit 10% for the first time, beating forecasts that it would hover below […]

Eurostat: Greek life expectancy

Eurostat published a study on life expectancy for men and women in EU compared to Greece. As noted, in 2020, the indicator for women in the EU was on average 5.7 years higher than for men (83.2 years versus 77.5 years). In particular, in 2020, the number of years of healthy human life in the […]

Eurostat: Inflation in Greece in January at 5.5%

At 5.5% in the European Union’s harmonized index, Greece’s inflation could hit an 11-year high, Eurostat said on Wednesday, predicting further increases in the coming weeks, as the tide of price hikes continues unabated. Eurostat predicts that inflation will reach 5.5% in January from 4.4% in December 2021. This means a “nightmare” 1.1% growth in […]

Eurostat: what households spent the most money on during the pandemic

According to data compiled and published by the European Statistical Office Eurostat, in 2020 the category “housing, water, energy” spent more than a quarter of income, or 25.7% of EU household expenditures, which is 2.2 percentage points more than in 2019. … “Food and non-alcoholic drinks” and “Furniture and household appliances” also showed an increase […]