Do you drink coffee on an empty stomach? Nutritionist Explains Why You Should Stop

Coffee on an empty stomach in the morning can be harmful to our health, says a nutritionist and expert on bowel function.

Olivia Hedlund, Nutritional Therapist at Livingwell Fitness Centers, says caffeine can cause serious gut and hormone problems. According to the American nutritionist, coffee has an acidic environment and therefore is “heavy” on an empty stomach, and also brings the body into a state of increased stress and disrupts hormones.

But what can you eat first thing in the morning? Eggs, raw dairy products, berries or apples, pears – before you drink your morning coffee.

Why shouldn’t you drink coffee on an empty stomach? “If you drink coffee in the morning on an empty stomach, stop and listen to yourself. You are harming your hormonal system,” the expert says in a video posted on TikTok. “Not only is coffee acidic, it’s heavy on your stomach in the morning, but it literally puts your body in a stress response, kicks up cortisol production, and puts you in a kind of combat mode.”

She also explains that it is this reaction that causes nervousness and short temper after coffee, as well as that “really good feeling when we feel that we can take on the whole world.” However, this feeling takes a toll on your body, especially for women and those with bowel problems or hormonal imbalances. Another thing that this habit can cause is hormonal problems, such as acne.

“I used to drink many cups of coffee on an empty stomach, feeling on top of the world. However, I had many hormonal problems, such as acne, and I wondered why,” says the nutritionist. “It’s because your body is under stress. Eat something light before drinking coffee, make it a goal. I promise you will notice the difference,” she added.

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