Personal Physician: Appointments, Registrations, and Benefits

Today, the website is opening and starting its work in order to properly inform citizens and doctors about the new operating structure of the “Personal Doctor” (Προσωπικός γιατρός).

From today, citizens and doctors will be able to be informed about the public health program. Residents of Greece through have the opportunity to register with a personal doctor and receive information about:

  1. Free benefits offered by a personal doctor (health studies, etc.)
  2. The process of registration in the system “Personal Doctor”
  3. The process of planning an appointment with a doctor (including obtaining an online consultation).

At the same time, all information about the implementation of the new system is provided in the FAQ section so that citizens are aware of the benefits offered “Personal Doctor”.

Physicians will also be able to access the new website to register there and stay up to date on all developments that concern them. In addition, statistics are presented regarding the course of implementation of the public health system legislation, the participation of citizens and medical professionals in it.

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