Check lottery: see if you won 50 thousand euros

AADE held a Tax Lottery for transactions made by citizens in September.

Recall that according to the new system, one of the lucky ones wins 50,000 euros. Winnings are distributed in a certain order. Every month, every 1 euro from purchases that citizens make with plastic money (cards or other electronic means of payment) and “gives 1 ticket” to the taxpayer (with a maximum monthly spending limit of 10,000 euros).

Taxpayers who participate in the draw and have not declared their bank account in the TAXISnet system (for crediting the winnings) are given a period of three months from the date of the draw to report the data.

It is worth noting that the amounts distributed by the Public Tax Lottery (Δημόσια Κλήρωση της φορολοταρίας) conducted by the Independent State Revenue Authority are not confiscated, not taxed, not considered income and not subject to any withholding in favor of the state or a third party.

In particular, every month 556 taxpayers earn the following amounts:

  • 1 will win 50,000 euros,
  • 5 winners will receive 20,000 euros,
  • 50 win 5000 euros each,
  • 500 people win from 1000 euros.

Taxpayers can find out if they are among the lucky ones on the relevant AADE website (

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