July 22, 2024

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Turkey tests its own ballistic missile (video)

Turkey on Tuesday conducted a test launch of a domestic-made medium-range ballistic missile, according to two people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported Tuesday afternoon.

A mobile platform was used to launch a rocket from an airport near the port city of Rize around 7:00 am local time, people who asked not to be named because they were not authorized to comment said.

According to them, the rocket flew 561 kilometers and fell off the coast of the port of Sinop.

The secret missile project, dubbed “Typhoon” or “Tayfun” in Turkish, has been underway for several years, the sources say, without elaborating. The Presidium of the Defense Industry, which oversees the development of locally produced weapons, refused to disclose any information about the project.

Turkey received Russia’s advanced S-400 missile defense system in 2019, two years after Ankara signed an agreement with Moscow to buy the system in the hope that the cooperation will help it develop its own system as part of its missile defense program.

Information from GEETHA says that it was a rocket of the Bora, Bora-2, (Typhoon) family IRBM missile in the category of ballistic missiles middle (over 500 km) range.

The first tweets erroneously state that this is “short range”: under the terms of the limitation of ballistic weapons to a radius of action over 500 km, this is medium range (IRBM). Below 500 km they are “short range” (SRBM). In particular, from 500 km to 5000 km are classified as medium. From 5000 km and above, they are classified as “intercontinental” (ICBM). This rocket has a range of up to 1000 km.

The United States imposed sanctions against Turkey and banned it from working on the creation and production of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 stealth aircraft. However, recently the US Senate gave permission for the delivery of the F-16 Viper, the latest version of this aircraft, which caused discontent in Greece.

The first reactions of military analysts:

#Turkey has successfully tested a short-range tactical ballistic missile. Ballistic missile “Tayfun” produced by the Turkish company #Roketsan during today’s tests hit a target at a distance of 561 km. Turkey has already developed the Yıldırım missile with a range of more than 150 km.

Bora-1 has a range of 280 km.

Unfortunately, the Turkish armed forces now have the ability to attack any part of Greek territory.

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