March 31, 2023

Athens News

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Fired automatic burst through the house

An apartment building in Egaleo became the “target of militants” who fired machine guns at the gate.

“Threat” was intended for a woman who rented apartments. According to preliminary information, at dawn, unidentified persons fired at least seven times at the garage door of an apartment building in Egaleo, sowing panic among residents and rare passers-by. Seven shell casings were found in the garage door. The perpetrators immediately fled, fortunately, there were no injuries.

According to the ANT1 channel, all the information indicates that the target of the armed lawless men was a woman whose relative is allegedly in prison. Law enforcement authorities believe that the attack, in fact, is a “message” that they wanted to send to someone, because they did not want to hurt anyone, but only “to scare death.”

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