March 31, 2023

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Bomb threat at Panormu station

Athens, of course, is still far from Chicago, but, apparently, everything is gradually moving towards this, and the rampant crime no longer surprises anyone.

On Monday, October 17, Panormou metro station was evacuated due to a bomb threat. In particular, by order of the police, the metro station was closed, and trains had to pass it without stopping because of the “warning call” from the terrorists.

The threatening phone call was reportedly made at 4:22 pm on Monday. Explosive Ordnance Disposal personnel arrived at the scene to inspect the site. Finally, after obligatory measures taken by the employees of Τμήματος Εξουδετέρωσης Εκρηκτικών Μηχανισμών (ΤΕΕΜ), it turned out that the phone call was someone’s “bad joke”.

Currently, the movement of metro trains is carried out in a regular mode.

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