The suffering of the kidnapped Markella is over – because of the publicity, she was released, mocked to her heart’s content

Abducted last Friday, 14-year-old Markella is at large, but “she was physically and sexually abused – she was released due to publicity.”

Markella, who disappeared last Friday, October 7, in Nicaea, was found in Markopoulos last night. All these days, Kostas Yiannopoulos, president of Smile of a Child, says she was in a state of shock from the bullying of her captors:

“It was a kidnapping by five people, in the hands of which the 14-year-old Markella found herself in a terrible situation. She had a terrible time with them these days, she was physically and sexually abused. These people tried to take advantage of her and were forced to let her go just because the case was publicized. Markella was in a terrible state. She was found in Markopoulos on Thursday evening, she contacted her parents and then went to the police station to file a complaint.”

The kidnapping of the girl happened in front of her sister, with whom Markella sent to a bakery nearby. A man jumped out of the approaching car, grabbed the teenager and pushed him hard into the car that immediately left after that. The sister immediately informed her parents and law enforcement officers began searching for the girl.

As the publication writes “Proto Theme”, Markella’s family immediately contacted the police and the kidnapping alarm was activated. According to what the teen’s sister told police, there were six other people in the car that disappeared with her.

The girl’s mother stated that this was not the first time a little girl had been abducted by this particular adult. He is a married man and a father of three who similarly grabbed Markella against her will a few days ago as she was on her way to school.

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