Patras: mother reported abuse of her 9-month-old son

On Sunday 9 October, a woman took her 9-month-old boy to “Caramandanio” in Patras and stated that the child had been sexually abused by her parents.

In particular, according to, the police were informed by the medical staff of the hospital about the case of child abuse for two reasons. Firstly, because of the severity of the complaint, and secondly, because the mother then wanted to take the child and leave, and the infant required hospitalization, as he struggled with dehydration problems.

Police officers from the 3rd Division rushed to the hospital to resolve the issue, and a criminal case was formed on her complaint of ill-treatment of the boy.

As part of the operational ΕΛΑΣ boy also will be examined by a medical examiner to determine the validity of the complaint. However, the authorities stressed that the woman’s statement is under scrutiny, especially regarding the veracity of her claims.

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