The government organization called "double-headed eagle" AEK Athens "nationalist" and "aggressive" symbol!

The government body calls the double-headed eagle, the symbol of the AEK team, “nationalist” and that it evokes “feelings of irredentism” among the Greeks (i.e. oblivion of the lost homelands) and will be considered by the Turks as an insulting symbol!

The Hellenic Chamber of Fine Arts, which is overseen by the Ministry of Culture, considers that the double-headed eagle, the symbol of AEK (and PAOK) “rises the mobilization of nationalistic reflexes, feelings of irredentism or being seen as a directly aggressive symbol”!

And this is at the very time when Ankara sent a letter to the UN with a request to return the Greek islands, because “Greece violated the treaties.”

It should be noted that the Chamber of Fine Arts is legally Official State Adviser on Art in the Public Domainthat’s why she represents the state and the state is responsible for its dangerous views for society.

Of course, according to the logic of the Chamber, AEK and PAOK should change not only their symbol, but also their names, since they are abbreviations, where the letter K stands for “Constantinople”.

At the same time, they will be seen as “nationalistic” names that provoke irredentism and are considered “aggressive” by… neighbors.

If we move in a similar direction, we should also change the flag of the Church of Greece, which depicts a two-headed eagle, and ban the cross and other Orthodox symbols, as this “may cause a negative reaction from Turkey.”

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