Products "too tough"

At least 500 consumer goods, such as food, will increase in price in supermarkets, which will further hit the family budget of Greek residents.

According to Realnews, by the end of the month, prices will rise for 35 main categories of goods. It is expected that the new price tags will soon be seen on supermarket shelves. How soon? Yes, depending on the stock of products that were in stock and ended at the old price.

The new price list includes a margin on such products and goods as: freshly squeezed juices (up to 16%), frozen fish (15%), stationery (up to 12%), cheeses (up to 13%), canned food (9% -13%). %), biscuits (6-12%), cereal bars (10%), chocolate (3-12%), vinegar (10%), rice (10%), croissants (10%), drinks (up to 10%) , condensed milk (9%), pasta (up to 9%), household chemicals (up to 9%), soap (up to 9%), personal hygiene items (up to 9%), jams (up to 9%), yogurts (8 %), toothpaste (up to 8%), Greek coffee, ground (6%), legumes (6%), meat products, sausages (3-6%), lentils (5%-6%), olive oil (5 %), olives (5%), fresh milk (5%), margarine (5%), butter (up to 5%), meat (3%-5%), halva (4%), ready-made salads (3, 5%), animal feed (2.5%) and sugar (2%).

As noted, the above example of revaluation was made by individual companies (and does not apply to all enterprises in a row that produce or trade in specific products).

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