Up to 30% price increase for essentials from August 1st

Shopping has become like a “hunt” for groceries and essential goods, including household chemicals. Consumers follow promotions, discounts and great offers in supermarkets in order to “gain” at least something and masterfully “make ends meet” by the end of the month. Everyone is looking for products at the best price. With energy prices still high, […]

Retail price increase by 10% is coming

An increase in retail prices for products is inevitable, said Antonis Makris, president of the Association of Retailers (ΣΕΛΠΕ). “We live in a difficult situation. It does not depend on us,” he said. “If tomorrow morning food companies only need to equalize prices (rather than win, make a profit) because of the rising cost of […]

Eurostat: what households spent the most money on during the pandemic

According to data compiled and published by the European Statistical Office Eurostat, in 2020 the category “housing, water, energy” spent more than a quarter of income, or 25.7% of EU household expenditures, which is 2.2 percentage points more than in 2019. … “Food and non-alcoholic drinks” and “Furniture and household appliances” also showed an increase […]

Rising inflation "chokes" households in Greece

In November, prices increased by 4.8% compared to the corresponding month of 2020. Energy and basic necessities prices soared. The wave of inflation is taking on nightmarish proportions: from month to month, literally everything is getting more expensive. According to data from the Greek Statistical Office for November, the consumer price index rose 4.8% compared […]

ΕΛΣΤΑΤ: price index increased by 14.6%

According to data released today by Statistics Greece ΕΛΣΤΑΤ, the industrial price index jumped 14.6% in April this year compared to the corresponding index in April 2020. It is noted that with a corresponding comparison of indicators of 2020 with 2019, there was a decrease of 13.9%. The general index in April 2021 compared to […]

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