"a little bit of good": due to light savings, hairdressers will ban hair dryers

Services in Greek hairdressers are likely to become more expensive if electricity is used when working with a client.

For example, styling with a hairdryer or washing your hair (with its preliminary heating by a boiler) will “weight the bill”. Hairdressers have become dependent on increasing electricity bills. In this case, the boiler and hair dryer are indicated as the most energy-intensive appliances.

Owners and employees of beauty salons say that the number of customers who prefer to do complex hairstyles (which use a “flat iron”, hair dryer, etc.) will decrease. After all, they themselves faced the question – either increase the prices for services, or not use a hair dryer.

The owner of a salon in Thessaloniki says his hairdresser’s electricity bills have doubled. He explained that it is difficult to refuse a hair dryer, since even with a short haircut, it is elementary necessary for drying hair. “For half an hour of its use, the cost of energy can reach 2-3 euros,” he said in an interview with MEGA journalists. “We don’t know what to do. If we raise prices, it will be hard for people, if we don’t raise prices, we will harm ourselves. We are at a loss… We don’t know what to do…” he added.

PS I noticed that escalators have been turned off at many metro stations. In this connection, people loaded with bags have to “stomp on foot” (although they have paid for the fare, and the cost of electricity – elevators and escalators – is already included in the total amount of the ticket? Or is it not?). Maybe the cost of travel on electric modes of transport will increase ?! It’s only the beginning…

Hi Grete Thunberg (to a girl who stood up for a “green world”, ecology and shutting down everything. It looks like her wish comes true …).

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