Athenians criticize the reconstruction of the lower Syntagma square

The reconstruction of the lower part of Syntagma Square in the center of Athens is nearing completion, and is already available to residents and guests of the Greek capital. It is reported that the new look of the lower part of the square preserves its historical features and at the same time connects it with the modern way of life.

The renovated look retained its historical characteristics and at the same time acquired a modern look, consonant with the lifestyle and needs of the Athenians for a hospitable, comfortable and developed urban infrastructure.

(More in the material “Reconstruction of Syntagma Square completed”)

It is noted that to the initial area of ​​2300 sq.m. the lower part added another 1300 sq.m of new vital public space. Also, within the framework of the project, two longitudinal gazebos were built between the trees, with a total area of ​​262 sq.m., for additional shading and organization of seats at tables. Cold materials were used to cover the lower plaza, allowing for lower surface temperatures and counteracting the urban heat island effect.

Reconstruction of Syntagma Square completed

Work on the lower part of Syntagma Square began in September 2021. It is noteworthy that with the start of work at Syntagma, the Big Walk projects, advertised by Mayor Bakoyannis, were curtailed, despite millions of euros invested in them. Just like in the above projects, even before the completion of the work, the inhabitants of the capital began to criticize the mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis.

The mayor of Athens decided to pave most of the center with marble. Given that the Greek capital is often hit by heat, this means that this part will turn into an expensive inhospitable oven. In winter it will be slippery with the slightest rain.

(It is not known what is worse: the advertised “cold” coating, laid 2 years ago on Omonia, which cracked after six months, or marble, which is at least beautiful and more durable. Editor’s note)

Others complain: “You can be blinded by the reflection in the marble if you walk through Constitution Square at noon.”

Mr. Bakoyannis, did you notice the discrepancy between what we ordered and what we received, see? But how can we do this, because #μεγαλος_περιπατος didn’t cost us millions of euros.

Kids are playing…

Refurbished Syntagma Square after 3 years of experimentation and €25 million 820 thousand wasted OUR money. Shade gazebos that don’t cast a shadow. You can simply sunbathe horizontally and vertically. As you prefer. Either way, it looks like a prison.

And some criticized in a very sharp tone that the renovated central square of Athens was losing its historical depth. “Honestly, there is someone on Syntagma Square who likes it? The square on which the transition to the rule of law was declared and won? The square where the first Olympic Games were held until 1896? Which remained closed throughout the 1990s for the most important transport project in modern Greece?

I passed by yesterday and couldn’t believe that this had become something like the Leonidas Grill, the provincial municipal street fair in Ano Panagia.

Syntagma Square was named after the constitution that Otto, the first king of Greece, was forced to grant after a popular and military uprising on September 3, 1843. The old palace was located where the Greek parliament is now located.


Athenians may be right to be skeptical of the mayor’s renovations after spending millions of euros two years ago on Great walk in Athens only to declare after its implementation that the program failed.

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