Greece is burning fast

For more than a month, Greece continues to fight with fire. Dozens of small ones and several large ones, where the fire covers hundreds and thousands of hectares, hundreds of people are involved in extinguishing them. What is the reason, is it just the heat?

A nightmarish fire has been destroying the Dadia National Park for the fourth day in a row, an irreparable national environmental disaster, and the authorities are completely powerless to deal with it. At least 7,000 hectares of natural beauty have burned in relentless flames, and the fire continues with no hope of extinguishing it … until everything burns out or it rains.

But why is this happening? Who is responsible for this unimaginable catastrophe?

December 27, 2021 seven bodies of protected areas, by decision Deputy Environment Minister Giorgos Amiras, who were signed on Christmas Eve, were abolished and their duties transferred to the Environment and Climate Change Organization (OFYPEKA).

What were these 7 branches that were abolished:

  1. Parnita National Park.
  2. Shinia National Park, Marathon, Imitto and Southeast Attica.
  3. Delta of Evros and Samothrace.
  4. Dadia – Lefkimi – Soufliu Forest National Park.
  5. North Pindos National Park.
  6. Tsumerko National Park, Agrafo, Ahelou and Meteora valleys.
  7. Olympus National Park.

Seven months after it was declassified, as a plan to elimination of Natura territorythey burned the Dadia National Park.

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And they burned it, let’s say, for the simple reason that for four days the authorities have not been able to cope with the fire due to lack of strength, lack of planning and coordination.

There are no aerial fire extinguishers in this region at all. Since two Erikson helicopters and one AirTractor The AT-902s, about which the Prime Minister raved about during his visit to Alexandroupolis, were sent along with 18 planes and helicopters to put out the fire in Penteli. They never returned back.

For the third night in a row, authorities send a message to 112 to evacuate Soufli and Jannouli.

The decision to evacuate was made shortly before 21:00 on Saturday, as there was a new major outbreak of fire that had not stopped since last Thursday in the Dadia forest on Evros. In particular, the fire moved to the northwest of the village of Dadia.

According to thestival, flames reach a height of 20 meters and move menacingly towards the village. Residents received an evacuation message from civil protection on their mobile phones, suggesting they move towards Souffli.

History with Northern Evia repeated this year. Then, in 2021, because of the fire near Athens in fact, to the mercy of fate was thrown fire in the north of Evia, where more than 150 thousand hectares of forest and farmland burned out. The entire burden of extinguishing the fire fell on the shoulders of firefighters from different countries, who fought the fire heroically, but without much result. Why no results? Because 1 firefighting aircraft (like Canadair) in mountainous areas is more efficient than 100 firefighters on foot (this is not the author’s subjective assessment, but the opinion of professionals). As a result burned out most of the island. Thousands of farmers and local residents were affected.

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