June 23, 2024

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In Greece, it was not customary to keep pets, especially dogs, in a city apartment. A dog for an apartment (for love and communication) was rather an exception, especially for the classical patriarchal family of Athens.

To tell the truth, the city of Athens is not made for keeping pet dogs. Too high temperatures in the summer, concrete bridge streets, lack of green courtyards and parks make the life of pets extremely scarce and sometimes impossible. Another thing is the Greek province or those few areas of the city where there are private houses with small front gardens around the house.

In Moscow, many families have pets. Huge parks in all districts of the city and front gardens with trees at each high-rise building, in each microdistrict, make the life of a person’s friends comfortable and interesting. And the owners share with their pets the most favorite urban hobby – walking in the parks.

The migration of the population from the former Soviet Union brought with it enthusiasts in breeding different breeds of dogs and cats, rare in Greece. Russians and Ukrainians either breed themselves or import different breeds of animals, and also participate in exhibitions and become organizers of training and overexposure of dogs.

But the real breakthrough in the distribution of pets in Athens, as elsewhere in the world, has been the last three years of quarantines and covid restrictions. And those who did not dare to acquire a true friend right away in 2019-2020 do it to this day, joining the ranks of dog communities in their microdistricts.

On the streets of the city, in addition to traditional mongrels and cocoons, rottweilers, bulldogs, jack russells, yokshirs, spitz, poodles and even bichon fries appeared. And the cat world of Athens was enriched by the British, Irish, chinchillas (cats), Siamese and even bald sphinxes.

Along with this filling of the market, new small veterinary clinics, small and large pet stores, as well as specialized beauty salons began to appear in the city. It was a pleasant surprise that the boom in pets provoked the opening of local production of high-quality pet food.

Loyalty and rationality to the new owners of pets and success to all participants in this small kind industry!

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