Are you ready to get on the bike?

More than half of Greeks are thinking about reducing the use of their car. The reason for this is expensive gasoline.

However, 68% of Greek drivers admit that today they still use it every day, although they are going to put it on hold for the next six months. At the same time, every fifth Greek has already managed to do this.

Greece ranks third in the European Union in terms of daily car use, according to an analysis of a survey conducted by Focus Bari | YouGov. Although this data will become irrelevant very soon, gasoline prices are changing the habits of Greek drivers.

Approximately 68% of Greek drivers use their car on a daily basis, while the European average is 53%. In Portugal, 74% of drivers make daily trips by car, in Croatia – 70%. Among the reasons that influence the decision to abandon your car for a while:

  • fuel cost (88%);
  • physical activity (24%);
  • environmental protection (17%);
  • annoying traffic jams (16%).

How will Greek drivers replace the use of their own car? Most involve walking or using public transport. Only a few are going to use a scooter, an electric scooter, a bicycle or … a taxi.

And yet every fourth Greek driver is not ready to give up the usual comfort, despite the cost of fuel. Many, according to the survey data, do not allow the rapid pace of everyday life, while others simply do not intend to change their habits – it is too difficult for them, the publication concludes. CNN Greece.

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