Census 2021: in which region did the population increase, and where did it decrease significantly

ΕΛΣΤΑΤ published data from the 2021 census. As it turned out, over the past ten years there has been a reduction of 383,805 inhabitants.

In 2011, there were 10,815,197 citizens in the country, and today, according to the 2021 census, there are 10,432,481 people, which is 3.5% less.
As expected, the Attica region remains the most populous, with 3,792,469 inhabitants, despite a decrease of 35,965 inhabitants compared to 2011, reports iefimerida.gr.

However, data on region with population growthas well as by region with the largest reduction.

The only region to record population growth in the 2021 census is the South Aegean.

It should be noted that out of 13 regions of the country, in 12 we experienced a drop in population, and in one, South Aegean, there was an increase. In particular, from 309,000 inhabitants earlier, 324,000 were now registered here.


The region with the largest population decline is Western Macedonia, according to the 2021 census ΕΛΣΤΑΤ. The region is the champion in population decline with a rate of 10.1%. According to the data provided, the resident population of Western Macedonia in 2021 was 255,056, of which 126,711 (49.7%) are men and 128,345 are women (50.3%).
A significant decrease can also be seen compared to the results of 2011, when Western Macedonia had 283,689 permanent residents, of which 141,779 were men and 126,711 were women.


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