Thessaloniki: a woman lost a child due to the indifference of doctors

Another incredible incident in Thessaloniki, which began in February of this year: a pregnant woman with labor was not admitted to the hospital, and she lost her baby. The couple filed a lawsuit.

The reason for the denial of hospitalization is banal – half an hour after the arrival of the pregnant woman at the hospital “Ιπποκράτειο”, the duty time was ending there. The woman was referred to another emergency hospital, Παπαγεωργίου, which opened at 8 o’clock, although she was already in labor and bleeding. In addition, the pregnant woman tested positive for coronavirus, although she was vaccinated twice. The indifference of the doctors turned out to be fatal – the child could not be born. The injured woman says:

“We arrived at the Hippocrates Hospital at about 7:00 am, in the emergency room, where, although I declared the criticality of my condition, it was not until about 7:20 am that a doctor or resident took care of my condition, who did an ultrasound and, presumably, a cardiotocogram. I was surprised when I heard that since duty hours at the hospital ended in half an hour, they refused to admit me and immediately carry out the birth procedure, even by caesarean section, after I had already given them my medical history, telling them that I had already given birth to two other healthy children twice , again by caesarean section. They kicked me out of the Hippocrates hospital at about 7.30 am, telling me to go to the Papageorgiou hospital, which began its duty at 8.00 am. They refused to take me in an ambulance, although I She was in a deplorable state of pain and blood.”

A woman suffering from pain had an emergency caesarean section at the Παπαγεωργίου hospital only three and a half hours after the initial treatment, at 10:30, which led to severe complications and the loss of the baby, writes grtimesreferring to the story of the failed mother, documented:

“At the Papageorgiou hospital, I was first admitted at around 8.40 am (instead of the gynecological clinic to take delivery) at the Covid-19 clinic in the emergency department (Τμήμα Επειγόντων Περιστατικών ΤΕΠ), and after an hour, i.e. at 9.40 am the same day, I was admitted to the obstetrics clinic for an emergency caesarean section, where I was finally taken an hour later, at 10.30 am. I gave birth by caesarean section to a mature male newborn with placental rupture and uterine rupture as a result of culpable refusal and two hospital delays.”

The newborn was intubated with ischemic hypoxemic encephalopathy. Until his death on June 21, he remained hospitalized in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Papageorgiou Hospital. The mother was hospitalized in serious condition due to rupture of the placenta and uterus for eight days, from February 26 to March 4, 2022.

The couple filed a lawsuit with the Prosecutor’s Office of Thessaloniki, demanding that the doctors who were present at the incident in both hospitals be held accountable. According to the certificate of a private obstetrician-gynecologist who observed the woman, no problems were observed in the fetus throughout the entire pregnancy …

Parents in their complaint indicate that from 7.00 to 10.30 in the morning, when the caesarean section was performed, three and a half extra-valuable hours for the health of the fetus and pregnant woman were hopelessly lost. However, the couple has no claims against the doctors of the Papageorgiou Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where the baby was intubated. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of doctors and medical staff, it was not possible to correct the situation and save the life of the baby.

Lawyer for the Charalambos Apostolidis family claims that the three-hour delay resulted in the birth of a child with hypoxemic encephalopathy, which led to his death. Criminal negligence must be severely punished.

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