Official statement from the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority regarding the crash "Antonova"

Plane crash in Kavala: what happened to the fatal flight from the moment it entered Greek airspace.

Civil Aviation Authority ΥΠΑ) provided official information about the crash of the Antonov 12 aircraft in the Kavala area on Saturday, July 16, 2022. The report notes that the Air Accident Investigation and Flight Safety Committee (Επιτροπή Διερεύνησης Ατυχημάτων και Ασφάλειας Πτήσεων ΕΔΑΑΠ) took responsibility for the accident.

The Ukrainian-registered Antonov 12 took off from Nis Airport in Serbia with a crew of eight and eleven and a half (11.5) tons of dangerous cargo.

According to the flight plan submitted to the competent authorities of Serbia, the aircraft was supposed to carry out a cargo flight to Bangladesh (Dhaka) with stops in Jordan (Amman) and Saudi Arabia (Riyadh). It entered Greek airspace at 22:09 local time.

The aircraft informed the Athens-Macedonia Area Control Center ΚΕΠΑΘΜ at 22:37 that for operational reasons it would not continue flying to its final destination and would return to the airport of departure. At 22:42, while flying east of Halkidiki, he reported on approach to Thessaloniki that he had a problem with engine number four (4), stating that there was a possible fire in the fourth engine.

ΥΠΑ immediately declared a state of emergency, activating the appropriate procedures in place. At 22:45, the plane spoke to the Kavala control tower and said that it was heading for an emergency landing. The plane was immediately cleared to land at the Chrysoupoli airport in Kavala. At 22:47, the plane disappeared from air traffic radar.

The Civil Aviation Authority, as stated in the message, informed the National Search and Rescue Coordination Center about emergency, and then about the loss of communication, and immediately began identification, search and rescue. At the same time, all relevant departments (fire brigade, Greek police, civil protection, the Ministry of National Defense and local agencies) were mobilized in case the plane’s trail was lost in the wider area of ​​Kavala.

“The crash was investigated by the Accident Investigation and Flight Safety Committee (ΕΔΑΑΠ)”, says the conclusion of ΥΠΑ, presented by the publication

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